Opportunity to Learn My Methods of Making Stone Vases


I'm offering the opportunity to learn my innovative processes using my step by step illustrated instructions on how to make natural stone vases like mine.

The vases I make are truly unique, not only in the sense that each is distinct, but also because I personally developed my approach and methods and was the first person using natural stone and gemstones in this way.

People who purchase my instructions receive a license to use my designs and methods.The contractoral agreement requires confidentiality regarding my methods.

Natural stone is, for an artist, a material like none other. Not the least of it's assets is the constant variability, no two pieces of stone are ever exactly the same in appearance or in how they react to a hammer and chisel.

My methods exploit and utilize that variability along with the incremental nature of masonry materials to show and use natural stone and minerals in an entirely new way. That said, I want to be sure not to tout this as any kind of get rich quick scheme. What I'm offering to teach is a genuine value adding process which requires work to add the value. My system requires no extraordinary levels of skill but each part must be learnt and carried out with care and attention.

"Wow, I've never seen anything like these before"

That has to be the most common first response to my vases, and the innovative quality is a major factor in attracting potential buyers.

However my customers at the Saltspring Market are often quick to move beyond the innovation factor to appreciate the other features which are:

Permanence and Durability.

Properly made and cared for, natural stone vases like mine should last... well...for ever.

Great Function.

Truly Functional Art, with no doubts about the function. The heavy stone vases provide great support for even the most elaborate bouquet and the stone looks great with blooms and foliage. The glass core ensures no water seeps onto furniture.

Beautiful Natural Materials.

Natural stone and semi-precious gemstones have centuries of proven appeal.

Perfect for Gifts.

Unique functional art in glamorous natural materials. Great for the home and a touch of romance, no wonder so many are bought as gifts, especially as wedding presents.


With a license you get:

  • Design Rights.

    You have the right to use the design for this proven but, as yet, little known functional art item. With a product like this you'll find easy acceptance at galleries and juried craft shows.

  • Trade Secrets.

    You get full disclosure of all trade secrets. You will get information on the materials and tools you will need and also a detailed, step by step, description of the manufacturing process.

  • Optional Hands On Training.

    As a licensee. you may purchase time at my Saltspring Island studio. Take a weeks instruction with all materials provided and leave with your first vases.

  • Supportive Consultation Available.

    Trouble finding a material or need advice on selling vases. I'll do my best to help.

  • Promotion.

    Advertise your location with a link from Vaseguy.com

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 Business On Salt Spring Island
On Saltspring I'm looking for an individual or a small group interested in assuming my local business on an incremental basis. I offer full disclosure of the processes I have developed including step by step training at my studio, material suppliers and assistance in setting up a suitable workspace. An ongoing business relationship is a possible option. Interested people living locally should contact me by email to request an appointment.


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