Saltspring Island Saturday Market

John alias Vaseguy

Vaseguy at the Saltspring Market

The Saltspring market is a truly remarkable event. On any summer Saturday a hundred or so Artisans accumulate and with local farmers offer their wares for sale at the marketplace in the village of Ganges.

This is a well established market where accomplished Artisans compete to offer the best possible price and selection on quality handmade crafts and organic farm produce.

If your taste extends beyond the mass produced and ordinary it's WELL WORTH THE TRIP.

Salt Spring Island market dates are generally given as being from March through October. However there are a few stalwarts out on any Saturday throughout the winter. The last Saturday before Christmas usually sees a lot of the market vendors, some special deals and a festive atmosphere.

Mid October at the Salt Spring Island Market

Fall Colours compete for attention
with the vases
Vase with Citrine and Obsidian

Large vase with Citrine and Obsidian
Flowers for sale at the Saltspring market.

Beautiful ready made bouquets
of flowers are always for sale
at the Saltspring Market
Juggling balls for sale at the Saltspring market.
Young entrepreneurs
selling juggling balls
at the Saltspring Market
John Quinn the Vaseguy

This is me at the Saltspring Island Market
(It's a slow day)
The Saltspring Market has great Cash and Carry prices
This is my view on a better day.
Come to The Saltspring Market for the best Cash and Carry prices
Great,colourful tablecloths from my neighbour.

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