Technical info on Emeralds fromMINERAL KINGDOM


One of my favorite stone-gemstone combinations for my vases is emeralds with what could be considered classic slate. I like to expose the subtle variations in colour hidden in the layers of stone, using the gentle tones to enhance the delicately glowing greens of the emeralds. I use raw, uncut and unpolished emeralds, that contrast textually with the silky smooth slate.

 Often my vases are purchased as gifts. Vases with emeralds are particularly suitable for birthday presents for people born in May as emerald is the birthstone for May. Also Emeralds are the traditional gemstones to celebrate a fifty fifth wedding anniversary. 

The vases are all waterproof and watertight. They can be washed without problem. The glass liner ensures that no water seeps onto furniture.

Cork pads on the base protect furniture.

These vases are sturdy and stable and their textures are enjoyable even to the sight impaired.

Emeralds are of course precious gemstones that are costly even in the rough, uncut form that I use in my vases. Consequently the vases with emeralds are generally a little more expensive for their size than some of my other variations. I try to make a variety of sizes with varying amounts of emeralds.


                       NATURAL STONE VASES with GENUINE EMERALDS

                    Please note - Vases with Emeralds are made to order. Click on the style that interests you.

12 ins.tall

16 ins. tall

8 ins. tall

12 ins.Flared

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