Dallasite; Victoria B.C's Dramatic Gemstone

Dallasite is a checkered rock with a checkered past. It is thought to have formed when ancient rocks were shattered by the explosive force of hot magma from a deep sea volcano hitting cold ocean water. The resulting fragments were coated with magma and quartz to produce the dramatic patterning of this Breccia.  Geological uplift later caused it to became deposits on dry land where once again it was sometimes altered by weather and water erosion to become rounded cobbles of green, white and black checked patterning.

It was named Dallasite because it was first identified as distinct and extraordinary from specimens found on Dallas Road Beach in Victoria B.C. It is also found on beaches along most of the Eastern side of Vancouver Island. Dallasite pebbles are an occasional find on the beaches of Saltspring Island.

Now officially recognised as a gemstone, Dallasite has been adopted as the club stone of the Victoria Lapidary and Mineral Society and prime Dallasite specimens are used by several of British Columbia's Artisan jewelers.

a group of vases made using Dallasite

Often my vases are purchased as gifts. Vases with Dallasite are particularly suitable for a person from Victoria, British Columbia, who likes items that use local materials. Or as memento of a visit to Vancouver Island.

These vases are sturdy and stable and their textures are enjoyable even to the sight impaired.

The vases are all waterproof and watertight. They can be washed without problem. The glass liner ensures that no water seeps onto furniture.


Please click on the pictures for details of sample vases

a 15inch vase with dallasite
vase1-15 ins. tall

a 14 inch vase with Dallasite
vase2-14 ins. tall

a 9 inch vase with dallasite
vase3-9 ins. tall


an eleven inch vase with Dallasite
vase4-11 ins. tall

a large 20 inch tall vase with dallasite
vase5-20 ins. tall


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