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So you think you might be able to make some money using my aquarium slate designs? Well I say ..."Good Luck"


You may be wondering why I chose to freely give up the methods and design information.

Well , when the idea of slotting slate sections together for aquarium aquascaping first came to me I realized that even though it may prove successful and popular, it was not something I wanted to try to develop into a huge business.

For one thing I knew that I would quickly get competition. It's too simple an idea and process to avoid being copied. I also knew that my location, a Canadian island that's an expensive ferry ride from a city and pet stores, would make competing price wise an impossibility.

Secondly, there is my environmental position. I already feel a lot of guilt about shipping my vases. The idea of developing another business that involved shipping lots of rocks around the planet did not feel very comfortable. Encouraging people to use their local stone in their fish tanks instead of resin and silicone became an idea I could support. Encouraging a lot of small scale entrepreneurs to service their own regions became my goal.

Thirdly, I already have a business that takes up all my time. If you'll pardon the expression. I have other fish to fry.

So I decided to publish my designs and the methods involved even if it meant seeing others profit from my idea more than I could.

So what's my deal if you want to do it commercially? 


My charge for a commercial license is $25.00....Yes That's TWENTY FIVE DOLLARS.

well actually $25.00 per year.

For that you become an authorized producer and get listed as such on this website.

You get your location and contact information displayed with a link to your website if you have one.

You get the right to use my profile as designer and this website as a selling resource, linking to it or extracting parts to support your position as an authorized producer.

You get a limited amount of advice and assistance with production glitches.

If you come up with an exceptional display piece or extraordinary design variation I will put up a picture on the site with your contact information or website link.

The only commitment on your part is to include a reference to me as the initial designer and your approved producer status on any advertising material that you produce. That's something that should enhance your sales anyway.

No minimum or maximum production levels.

No other fees or royalties.

No imposed standards.

No prices set.

Listings of approved producers will be displayed in the order that they are paid for. In other words, committing early will bring the benefit of a more prominent listing.



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PAGE FOUR       The Methods, making a slate aquarium decor by slotting slate.

PAGE FIVE       The Designs. Some basic structures for building with slate in an aquarium.

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